(Formerly: Senior Resource and Healthcare Roundtable)


Community Healthcare Connections (formerly Senior Resource and Healthcare Roundtable) was founded in the early 2000s to bring professionals from all corners of the healthcare industry: medical service, geriatric service, hospitals, pharmacology, non-medical in-home care, holistic approach, mental health services, physicians, dentistry & orthodontics, health insurance providers, other specialists and more. By knowing your colleagues, creating power partnerships, sharing industry-specific knowledge; we all prosper together. This group hosts a mix of annual events that are networking oriented, educational, or focused on community engagement.

Mission Statement

Community Healthcare Connections exists to provide visibility and networking opportunities for all healthcare professionals, while offering education, support and solutions for Skokie residents.


Benefits of Joining This Roundtable:

  • $100 Membership Includes Your Participation at Events and Programs for staff + a seat on the Planning Committee.
  • Quarterly Networking and Educational Events
  • Industry Specific Opportunities to Connect with Other Providers, Products and Services
    Community Educational Events
  • Participation in Community Events, Expos and possible Tradeshows
  • Inclusion in Designated Senior Resource and Healthcare Section on Our Website


In past years, some of the programs we have successfully accomplished include:

  • Educational seminar on Hoarding
  • Educational seminar on Power of Attorney
  • Program on Dementia Decisions: Making them for your Loved Ones
  • Sponsoring the Welcome Table for the Boomers and Beyond Senior Resource Fair
  • Sponsoring 1/2 of a booth at Skokie’s Festival of Cultures
  • Tour of multi-location Alden Network facilities
  • Workforce Development Seminar on the Healthcare Industry with American Job Center
  • Pandemic Discussion: Unique Challenges and Bright Spots to Take Away from the Pandemic
  • Speed Networking for Healthcare Professionals
  • Community Event with Skokie Public Library: Fraud Prevention for Seniors
  • Open Networking & Lunch
  • CJE Resources – Information Seminar
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Program, dual event with Women in Business
  • Natural and Holistic Paths to Aging Gracefully
  • Men’s Health Seminar



Presented by Skokie Chamber of Commerce and support from Lincolnwood Place